Welcome to Culture Østerbro – the English edition.
Here you will find information about the libraries, activities that might catch your interest, etc.
Culture Østerbro is the cultural meeting ground in Østerbro (a part of northern Copenhagen), that all year round echoes of concerts, theatre, workshops and other cultural events. Culture Østerbro consists of the two public libraries on Østerbro; Øbro Jagtvej Library and Østerbro Library, plus the theater/music venue Krudttønden, and is part of the Culture and Leisure Administration of Copenhagen. The institution offers a wide variety of cultural experiences and other services to citizens of all ages, and the goal is to be an indispensable part of everyday life here in Østerbro.

An international institution
Culture Østerbro is the designated international unit of the Culture and Leisure Department of Copenhagen, and provides a unique opportunity to socialize and network in an international environment. The Østerbro libraries have a large selection of books and magazines in foreign languages and offer English talks, while Krudttønden hosts international theatre and dance productions for both adults and children.
We invite everybody to participate, in order to make Denmark and in particularly the City of Copenhagen feel like your home.

Examples of events with an international touch
- Copenhagen Cultural Network Dinners
- International Reading Clubs
- Book readings for children and adults
- Family days
- Theatre
- Concerts
- Talks
- Information meetings

Copenhagen Cultural Network (CCN)
Culture Østerbro offers a cultural volunteer program, the Copenhagen Cultural Network, where you can participate in the process of planning and organizing international cultural events.

CCN is a network for foreign newcomers, especially the accompanying families of those coming to Denmark to work. The network provides numerous connections to the culture and daily life of Denmark and offers an excellent opportunity to get to know others in similar situations and to meet Danes.

The initiative provides a unique opportunity to socialize and network in an international environment.
For more information, contact our international coordinator Rikke Smith at or visit Østerbro library. We are looking forward to seeing you on Østerbro!

Libraries: Borrow Books for Free
At the local libraries, both children and adults living in Copenhagen can borrow books, music, movies, games and much more - all for free. It is possible to borrow materials in many different languages. Moreover, the library offers reading facilities with newspapers, the use of computers with internet access and help with literature searches. You can find the address, opening hours and contact details of your local library at: